Welcome to Flats and Pines. My name is Paul.

When my daughter was born in May 2017 (seriously, how was that last year already?) I began to ask myself questions about the life I wanted to give her. About the world I wanted to leave her. About the kind of father I wanted to be. About the way we’d spend our time together.

The answers I came up with didn’t have much in common with the way that I had been living my life. So I started making changes.

See—I believe a life is better, deeper and richer when it’s spent outdoors. When it’s chalked full of adventure. And for whatever reason, I had been spending too much time indoors, not doing what makes me happy.  The last thing I want is to set that type of example for Eleanor.

This site will be a little bit of everything, but ultimately it’ll be one dad rediscovering his love for the outdoors and learning what it means to be a caring, compassionate and involved father and a supportive and loving husband.

I’ll be outside as much as possible, running, biking, hiking and recording all of it. Hopefully with my daughter.

I’ll share stories of my family’s adventures together, post gear reviews and try to tackle real issues that fathers face, like being a stay-at-home dad, or keeping your sense of self when your child is born. Like drinking good beer with painted nails, or hitting the trails with a baby Bjorn on your back.

Regardless of what we get up to, I’m glad you’re here.


[photo: Anastasia McKendrick]



2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thank you for including us. We love to hear and read about your journey through life. We fondly remember the first part.

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