Cleaning It Up


I’m about 50 pounds heavier than I used to be. And I’m blaming the baby.

Well, not so much the baby as the pregnancy. I am absolutely that partner who will sink a few donuts in the name of ceremony and sympathy. So a few donuts I sank. And some cupcakes. And beer. And a lot of other food, too.

But the running has been sloggy (spellcheck is telling me that’s a not a word, but it feels right.). I’m not improving the way I’d like, and I’m low on energy. Hopefully this little whole 30 kick will get things back in order.

We headed to my folk’s house for the weekend to visit, and I took advantage of their larger kitchen to meal prep. Eleanor and I went grocery shopping together on Saturday morning. She loves people watching (just like her old man), and really loved sinking her (six) teeth into the oranges we bought.

I prepped maybe 5 meals for the week. The rest we’ll whip up right before. Hopefully this keeps us honest.



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