If I build it, will they come?



I haven’t posted in a while, but FlatsandPines hasn’t been far from my mind.

We’ve been busy.

New jobs, a new home, a new city. Eleanor – our daughter – started daycare, and we’ve been sleep training, too.

I had hoped to share all of it as it unfolded, but that just didn’t happen. But now we’re a bit more tucked in – now that we have some new routines, new patterns – I’m coming back to this space wondering what it can be.

Will anyone even care? Will more than the twenty friends and family that read anything and everything I write get anything from this?

Obviously, there’s no way to answer that question. Sometimes…

Sometimes you just have to build things because the reward is in this work, not the result. So what if no one comes. If, at the end of the day, the only thing that comes from this is a record of our lives, a memorial of my daughter’s childhood, the adventures we had, and the lessons we learned, well – that’s enough for me.

So as we continue to settle into our new lives, I’ll be building out this space. I’ll try new things and see what feels good to me. Hopefully, something somewhere in here will be meaningful to others, as so many other sites and blogs have given me meaning and purpose over the years.

3 thoughts on “If I build it, will they come?

  1. You have the right idea, Paul. Hopefully lots of people will read and enjoy your blog. However, some day Eleanor will have a wonderful record of her childhood and who knows, you may even turn it into a book for her and the world to enjoy. Keep it up. You’re doing a great job.

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