Friday Five – July 6, 2018



Another Friday, another Friday Five.

I’m curious – any of you check out the links I’ve been posting? Either to the gear or videos?

Here’s this week’s list…

  1. A Film: Pacing Hardrock by Jeff Pelletier – Just an inspiring film for an incredible runner and filmmaker on the 100-mile race, the Hardrock 100. Will never qualify to run this race, but it’s so amazing to watch. I’d love to get to CO someday to watch this race in person.
  2. Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History – The news has gotten me feeling very anxious and distraught. So, I keep on pouring my energy into Eleanor. I’ve been reading this book to her at night.
  3. Billy Yang Podcast – A great discovery. Billy Yang is a superb creative, who makes films, runs long races, and also hosts a podcast. I love that he dives beyond the obvious (running), and challenges guests to discover what and why they do the things they do.
  4. Campfire Smores GU – I’m not a big GU gel fan, sadly. But this is one of the gels that I can’t get enough of.
  5. Ann Arbor Running Co. – Love shopping local, and I love a good running store. Really happy to have discovered this great place right down the street from work. Hoping to get a bit quicker and then join the crew for some group runs.

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