Gear Review | Topo Designs Mountain Duffel

This weekend I sat down in front of the camera (actually, I was standing) and talked a bit about the Mountain Duffel from Topo Designs.

Topo Designs is a Colorado-based company that’s been building outdoor gear and apparel for the better part of a decade. Actually, a full decade. Founders Jedd Rose and Mark Hansen started building backpacks in 2008.

I’ve had the 40L Moutain Duffel for about 10 months now and genuinely love the bag. It’s versatle. It looks good. And it’s designed to weather the weather.

Check out the full review in the video AND a quick note: yes, I’m outta focus. I apologize. I shot the video while my daughter was asleep, and that was the ONLY window of time to get it done. Sorry about that. I’ll make sure I do better in future videos. Or maybe not.

I’m a writer, not a videomaker.

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