Free Solo featuring Alex Honnold

The Free Solo trailer has dropped and it’s – insane.

Alex Honnold finished his solo climb of El Capitan in the summer of 2017. As someone who enjoys recreational climbing, and gets into a gym a couples times a year, I can’t fathom the physical and mental strength it takes to do something like this. I have to imagine legit climbers find it even more intimidating.

This film is just as much about consequence as it is this amazing feat of climbing. Anyone who watches this film will be left wondering whether they could do the same thing – risk life and limb to achieve a dream – or why Alex would ever put his life in danger to begin with.

But I think Alex doesn’t really care about death as much as he cares about living. To live is to take risk, to challenge oneself. To live boldly and with consequence.

Of course, none of us would ever dare dream climbing El Cap without a rope, but we’re also not world-class climbers.

So I wonder – what does this type of living look like for me? And for you?

And maybe the consequence isn’t death, but then again it doesn’t have to be. So long as you feel more alive each and every time you do it.


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