On the coffee table

IMG_3787img_3796.jpgSometimes it feels like I enjoy the idea of reading more than I actually enjoy reading.

Of course, that’s not true.

But since Eleanor was born, I’ve found it difficult to make the time. Not only that but when I do have some time I’m too tired.

However, now that Eleanor is sleeping through the night (thanks be to any and every god there ever was), and we’re getting more rest (are we really, though?) I’ve been making an effort to read more.

And here’s what’s on the coffee table.

New and Selected Poems by Mary Oliver. Lately, I’ve been reading poetry to Eleanor before her bedtime. Something about the cadence and rhythm of poetry helps her fall asleep. And it fills me to read these passages of nature and nurture to my growing bud.

And Father’s Day by my old friend, Simon Van Booy. I discovered Simon’s short stories in 2008 and he became one of my most beloved authors. A few years later, I had the opportunity to do a workshop with him in the Berkshires. It was divine. This book came out quite some time ago, but I’m truly enjoying it.



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